Month: March 2015

Mexico Day 4 – Tuesday

Holy cow. I’m exhausted, my feet hurt, and I smell like raw cow meat, but life is so great! Woke up late this morning and missed breakfast, but got to help mom and Rebecca in the kitchen for lunch until the butchered cow came. We cut and cut and cut at that cow for what […]

Mexico Day 3 – Monday

Today was our first full day at the children’s home and it was so fun! I spent all day in the kitchen with mom and Rebecca cutting fruit, baking chicken, peeling potatoes, sneaking bites of brownie, and other culinary endeavors. (My least favorite part of the dorms is their lack of a kitchen.) In between […]

Mexico Day 2 – Sunday

Today was incredible. Absolutely, completely, totally incredible. We went to Pastor Joe’s church for the morning service, 80% of which was singing and dancing and praise. The Holy Spirit was so present: there was weeping, and praising, and rejoicing, which is possibly the sweetest communion one can experience with the Lord on earth! From church, […]

Mexico Day 1 – Saturday

We made it! After about 30 hours, we arrived in Morelos. We got detained at the border and the trailer got searched, but I guess our little group wasn’t too sketchy, so they let us across! Ah, it was so exciting to see all the kids again! They’ve all gotten so big and I can’t […]

OU in Rio and Puebla

Last semester, I had the privilege of attending the launch party for the new study sessions in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Puebla, Mexico!The study centers abroad are such an incredible opportunity–being taught by OU professors and paying OU tuition in a foreign country is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! At the event, we were able to […]