Month: April 2015

OU Cousins: How I Met Khaother

OU is unique in that it has an incredible desire to connect students from all around the world and allow them to become members of the global community. There are so many programs that allow students to learn more about different places all over the world. One such program is OU Cousins, which pairs an […]

Why You Shouldn’t Ask Me If I Have a Boyfriend

disclaimer: this may or may not be a rant Every time I come home from school for a weekend, I’ll undoubtedly hear dozens of comments like, “When are you going to bring a man home?” “Have you found that special someone yet?” “Any romance in the near future?” I was even asked by an older […]

Poetry Artist in Residence: Kerri Shadid

This week is International Awareness Week at OU, which means that there are a lot of international events happening all over campus. I attended one in the library of Hester Hall, the international studies building, which featured poet Kerri Shadid. She was incredible: give her a word and she’ll write you an entire poem. There […]