Hi! Welcome to the shambly mess that is my life!

I’m Emilee, a senior at the University of Oklahoma studying Spanish and International Studies. I’m passionate about the beautiful things in life—art, nature, poems, photography, style, language, math, music, science—because I believe they reflect aspects of the grand Creator for our enjoyment and his glory. My purpose and mission in life is to find that beauty and to reflect it in order that all who look at me see only Him. I love traveling to faraway places because it is there that I can see Him most clearly through the faces and voices of others. I’ve chosen to study language because I believe that it is His heart to be not just the Savior of the white American but of people of every tribe, tongue, and nation. I believe that He is a relational God, and, as we are to be a reflection of Him in everything, that we are made to be relational people. This is why I write, and photograph, and travel: in order that He might be made great. I hope that you see a little glimpse of His beauty as you explore my website! Thank you for coming along this journey with me, even if only for a brief moment!