OU is unique in that it has an incredible desire to connect students from all around the world and allow them to become members of the global community. There are so many programs that allow students to learn more about different places all over the world. One such program is OU Cousins, which pairs an international student with an American student. My OU Cousin, Khaother, is from Saudi Arabia. She’s a business major who loves Disney movies and hugs and mozzarella sticks and Frappucinos. Khaother is one of the most generous people I know, and she’s taught me a lot about Saudi Arabian culture. Her favorite food is grape leaves (which are actually delicious) and she wants to go to an amusement park while she’s in the states! Hopefully some day soon we’ll get to go to Six Flags together and she’ll get to practice driving a car, something that women aren’t allowed to do in Saudi. I am so grateful to OU and the OU Cousins program for allowing me to meet such a sweet sweet friend and learn about a culture that I previously knew nothing about!