This week is International Awareness Week at OU, which means that there are a lot of international events happening all over campus. I attended one in the library of Hester Hall, the international studies building, which featured poet Kerri Shadid. She was incredible: give her a word and she’ll write you an entire poem. There were also snack foods from other countries–my favorite was Biscoff, a delicious European cookie that tastes almost like a ginger snap. The coolest part for me, though, was the world map placed in the center of the room. Black pins were placed in the places people had been and tan pins were placed in the places people were from. It was incredible to see how many places people had been to and how many places they had come from! OU’s international program is such an incredible way to meet people from all over the world and to learn about and experience other cultures, and I’m so grateful for it!