So if my last few thousand Facebook and Instagram posts haven’t made it blindingly obvious, I’m in Italy!!! I’ve been here for less than 48 hours, but in that time I’ve consumed four different kinds of pasta and walked over 13,000 steps, so I think I’m starting out well 🙂

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Yesterday was unusual since we were all jet-lagged and a little hangry, so the day consisted mostly of moving into the monastery that will be our home for the next four months and eating some authentic Italian food. Today was a little more exciting–we visited the classroom annex for some gnocchi and orientation, then took a tour of Arezzo.
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It is the most picturesque little Italian town you ever did see with cobbled streets, coffee bars on every corner, and a beautifully rich history. It started snowing during the tour, so afterwards we stopped in a little bar for some cappuccino and bombolone (a cream-filled donut).
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The rest of the day was spent in the monastery Skyping with family, napping, eating a delicious authentic Italian dinner, and writing on our blogs about our first couple of days. I am so excited to see what this semester brings! Fino alla prossima volta!

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