Well, it’s been almost exactly a year since I’ve returned from Italy, which doesn’t seem possible. Many of the friends I made on the trip are graduating next week, so this might be the last week we’ll all be able to get together and talk about our experiences. One of my favorite parts about studying abroad at an OU program is that we are all still in the same area and can meet up frequently to talk about our experiences when it seems like no one else understands. My time in Italy sometimes feels like a distant dream but at other times feels like it just ended yesterday. I still get pangs of a feeling almost like homesickness when I hear someone speaking in Italian or have a glass of good wine with friends. I get a little sad when I see my friends posts from their time abroad and sometimes look up flights to Europe just for fun. The hardest thing for me is having to stay in Oklahoma, where Florence and Rome aren’t just a train ride away. My advice to everyone about to finish up their time abroad is to take as many videos as possible. Video your trip from your home to your favorite coffee shop. Video the street you walk down every day. Video your friends, the train, your home, anything, because they’ll be really comforting when you’re stuck in the hundred degree heat of Southern Oklahoma. It’s hard to come back, but also necessary because you won’t fully understand and be able to appreciate your time abroad until you’re back.

May 6, 2017

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