50 Facts about Me:

1. I love Jesus unapologetically.

2. I’ve read the Chronicles of Narnia series more times than I can count, and I find something new in it every time.

3. I only own one purse.

4. My favorite color changes based on my mood, but it’s currently yellow.

5. My eyebrows are darker than my hair, and that makes me really uncomfortable.

6. If I could be anywhere in the world, it would be Mozambique, Africa.

7.  My music taste is horrendous. I listen to country and popular pop songs and that’s about it.

8. Buy me a grande no water chai tea latte from Starbucks and I’m yours.

9. I’m still recovering from a five six-year obsession with One Direction.

10. I’ve lived in the same house for my entire life, and I love it.

11. I still harbor the hope that some day I’ll be the voice of a Disney princess.

12. I hate the sound the Keurig makes after it stops brewing.

13. I can’t sleep unless I’ve brushed my teeth.

14. I use a filter on almost every photo I take.

15. I’ve tried going vegan about seven times, but have never stuck with it. (Except for the Summer of 2016, where I made it for four whole months.)

16. I’m working to become fluent in Spanish.

17. Fishing is one of my favorite things to do with my family.

18. My eyes are really weird. There’s a ring of brown, then blue, then green. But they’re not hazel, I promise.

19. My graduating class had seventeen people in it. Yeah, that’s right. Seventeen.

20. I like to turn the bass all the way up, especially when I’m listening to country music.

21. I wear my Chacos from March to October and only wear other shoes when absolutely necessary.

22. I’m addicted to Diet Pepsi. Like, for real addicted.  I’m a recovered Diet Pepsi addict.

23. I have never owned a dog or a cat, although I’ve had more than my share of birds and reptiles.

24. One time I ate a worm.

25. I went through a three-year phase where I only wore my hair in a bun. Yeah, it was rough.

26. I have practically no self-control. With anything. At all. I’m working on it.

27. I never leave the house without makeup on. So if you think you’ve seen me without makeup, you probably haven’t.

28. I have 10 12 piercings and I don’t regret any of them.

29. I’m basically blind without my glasses or contacts.

30. I’m not picky about most things except for pizza toppings–Canadian bacon and pineapple every time.

31. I went through rush and didn’t pledge.

32. I can handle most bodily fluids, but I can’t do spit. Like, do not spit on me. I will cut you.

33. I love playing the piano. Sitting down and just letting the music spill out is one of the most peaceful things ever.

34. Fall is hands-down the best season.

35. I love the lake, but  I would rather just ride in the boat than ski or tube.

36. I have a really extensive nail polish collection.

37. I have a problem with online shopping, especially late at night.

38. I’m a Doctor Who nerd. Not super hardcore like some people, but I still get really into it.

39. I will wear a flannel over almost anything.

40. I inherited a love for Pixar movies from my dad.

41.  I’m a creationist and no, I don’t think it makes me ignorant.

42. My neck is deformed from a car accident I was in in sixth grade.

43. I have really strong opinions about college-ruled notebook paper.

44. I love Ancient Greek history, and I’ve read the Percy Jackson series at least ten times.

45. I’m a four-time varsity volleyball state champion. But who’s counting?

46. Lipstick makes me look weird so I just wear Chapstick. I wear lipstick now even though it makes me look weird.

47. Whenever I laugh, tears roll down my cheeks. It’s genetic.

48. I have a Christmas playlist on Spotify with over 48 hours of music.

49. I get very, very grumpy if I don’t get enough sleep.

50. I’m really, really bad at coming up with facts about myself.