Today was incredible. Absolutely, completely, totally incredible. We went to Pastor Joe’s church for the morning service, 80% of which was singing and dancing and praise. The Holy Spirit was so present: there was weeping, and praising, and rejoicing, which is possibly the sweetest communion one can experience with the Lord on earth! From church, we ate at a restaurant in Piedras Negras that serves authentic Mexican food. I drank lemonade and ate pico de gallo, guacamole, fresh tortillas and tortilla chips, queso, chicken, and steak until I couldn’t fit any more food into my stomach. Then we went to the market, where I bought a gorgeous blanket and some ice cream with my younger sister. We went back to the children’s home for about 15 minutes, picked up some supplies, and headed to another town, Allende, to visit Pastor Oscar’s church. The service was incredible and was such a blessing! Afterward, we set up a movie and made hotdogs, popcorn, and snocones for the kids, which was so fun! I made friends with a 12 year-old namesd Gustavo who helped me carry about 300 snocones and distribute them to other kids. He was so patient and was willing to look after the needs of others and did not complain a single time, which was really humbling for me. He was so excited to hear that I would be traveling to Africa this summer and made me promise to write him all about it! Gustavo is one of those people who affects your life long after you’ve left them. We had to say goodbye, then we packed up and came back to the home. I took a shower (super cold but hey, at least we have clean water) and now I’m about to go to bed! Buenas noches, México.