If you had told me six months ago that I would be in the Hebrew Club, I would have thought you were crazy. Six months ago, I was enrolled in nursing school, had my scrubs ordered, and was ready to enter the world of nursing. Or so I thought. It’s crazy how much your plans can change in just a few months. Instead of graduating with a BSN in 2019, I’ll graduate with a BAS in 2018 and hopefully pursue a Master’s degree at OU afterward.

But enough about my future plans: let’s go back to Hebrew Club. Tonight, I played board games in Hebrew with my classmates, my professor, and some other students who are in more advanced Hebrew classes–and it was an absolute blast! I never thought I would study a language other than Spanish, but now I’m surrounded by people speaking a completely different language and playing Scrabble using a different alphabet. We ate bagels and cream cheese and lox (and some cookies) and practiced our Hebrew while taking a break from studying during dead week.

Afterward, a few friends from my class went and got coffee and studied together for a few more hours, and I realized that I would never have met these amazing people if I had gone to nursing school like I’d planned. I would never have met Yael, my Hebrew professor, who is the best professor I’ve had in my four years at OU. I would never have discovered my love for languages and my passion for teaching.

This is a short blog post, but I can sum it up in three points.

  1. Don’t choose a major based on how much money you’ll make after you graduate because joy is worth so much more than money or success can buy.
  2. Take classes that seem interesting but also push you out of your comfort zone a little bit because it just might be better than you can imagine.
  3. You should join the Hebrew Club, because you might make some amazing friends while you’re there!

December 7, 2017

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