College is a really neat time because there are people from all over the world all around you. Instead of having to travel to another place to meet people from other parts of the world, you can just walk around campus. OU does a really great job of helping the international students and the local students to get to know each other and create a space for international discussion. One of the ways OU does this is through the OU Cousins program, which pairs an international student with an American student for a semester or a year. OU Cousins hosts events throughout the year such as the OU Cousins barbecue so that students can spend time with their Cousins and learn more about their respective cultures and just spend time with them as a friend. You can request a cousin from a certain country or region of the world, but I honestly think it’s so much more fun to just let them pair you with someone from anywhere. My OU Cousin is from Saudi Arabia and she has opened my eyes to a part of the world that I have never experienced before. It’s not required that you go to the OU Cousins events to be a member of the program, but I would highly recommend going to them because your cousin might introduce you to some of her friends and vice versa, expanding both of your circles and helping you to meet more people from all over the world. This is honestly one of my favorite programs at OU, and my college experience wouldn’t be what it is without it!